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Application 入學申請手續

Application package can be obtained
by contacting us or online
  1. Submit completed application** with following documents.

  2. Copy of 2 years of school transcripts

  3. Copy of valid passport

  4. Copy of immunization records

  5. Send application package by scanned email to 

  1. 填妥申請表格後,連同下述文件

  2. 近兩學年的成績單副本

  3. 有效護照副本

  4. 疫苗注射紀錄副本

  5. 將掃瞄本電郵至

In order to assist you in application and provide settlement support, in the "Academic Records/Information" section, please complete Agency part with following information to indicate us as your agency:-


  • Name of Agency: Transcend Education

  • Contact Person: Paul Cheung

  • Phone: 780.909.2928

  • Email:

  • Address: P.O. Box 83098, RPO Webber Greens, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5T 6S1

Process 程序 
  • Initial review on completed application

  • Submit tuition fees after passing the initial review

  • Receive a Letter of Acceptance from Edmonton Catholic Schools

  • Apply for Student Visa at the Canadian embassy or consulate

  • Pick up at the airport will be arranged at the arrival to Edmonton

  • Student registration and orientation​

  • English Language skills assessment

  • Student's settlement with support from the school and agent

  • 申請先經初審

  • 成功通過初審後,便繳付學費

  • 校方發出取錄信函

  • 學生向當地的加國領事館申請學生簽證

  • 學生抵達愛民頓時,有專人在機場接送

  • 安頓後,學生到學校登記學科及參與迎新會

  • 學生接受英語評核測試

  • ​校方與代辦一同會協助學生適應校園及當地生活 

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